Friday, March 31, 2017

Welcome to Antelope p. 2

TAMMY GOT BAPTIZED! Holy cow, happy day!!! Sorry to jump to the climax
of this email but I just had to get it out there :)

Monday was pretty normal. We celebrated Chinese New Year by deep
cleaning our apartment and figuratively sweeping out all the bad
spirits. It felt great!

Tuesday brought a ton more finding. We did however have a lesson that
night with our newer investigator Karla. She went through some big
trials just this past week! Her daughter tried to rob her and then the
next day a man from the Verizon store she went to followed her home!
Luckily she is safe and in good spirits but there are just people to
take advantage of her at like every turn. She's quite the trooper!
Also, since one of our nights was open for dinner she had us over for
a lovely night of Panera soup and bread :)

Wednesday furthered the proof that missionaries do indeed still knock
doors. We're getting pretty good at it nowadays if I do say so myself

Thursday I was on exchanges with SISTER TSALAGI!!! She is easily one
of the happiest missionaries I have EVER encountered. She has such a
fire for the work. She wants to talk to everyone and knock every door
and testify of the Savior and His love for us everywhere. It was a
reminder for me that that is what I'm called to do out here. Her fire
was contagious! That day we knocked a ton of doors, did a bunch of
service (including giving our sweet old grandmas pedicure foot rubs
:), and found a potential who is getting married this summer and might
need help getting her house in order! Little miracles everywhere.

On Friday we found a golden investigator for the YSA sisters! We were
just tracting in the crazy winds that were trying to blow us down the
street. We knocked this one door that had music blaring from inside
the house. I was kinda sorta rockin out on the doorstep when a girl
named Demori opened the door (whoops sorry not sorry). She is this
super hip and spunky 19 year old who thinks Mormonism is really cool.
She has a couple Mormon friends that she thinks are cool for following
all things in moderation. We shared Mosiah 4:9 with her about
believing in God and in His infinite power and wisdom. She told us
that she feels like her faith has been struggling and that she would
love to learn more! We told her there are other missionaries that
cover a congregation of young single people and they have fun
activities and stuff. She was just THE nicest person. I'm more than a
little excited. Stay tuned for updates from the YSA sisters :)

Saturday brought more tracting and we found a possible family that
said we could come back! (Fingers crossed). Later that night we got to
drive back to my old stoppin' grounds in good ole Antelope. It is so
fun to drive through and reminisce about all of the good times there.
Ah the memories. Lots of Tammy's friends and family members came for
her baptism :) It was just really cool to see how much she is loved.
Among those were the Arnold fam (aka my Antelope fam) and my old
companion, my homegirl SISTER SEELY (aka Kim but I mean cmon that's
still a little weird for me to say)! Ooh and Elder Call (my old ZL who
found Tammy) got permission to come down and baptize her! Sister
Arnold gave the talk on baptism and I got to give the talk on the Holy
Ghost :) When Tammy was actually immersed in the water her family
members were quietly calling out, "Hold her down there longer!" Lol
what would we do without family? She was beaming. After she came out
of the water she did what I had her promise me that she'd do. She
looked up in the mirror at her reflection. I told her to imagine how
Heavenly Father saw her in that moment. She was clean and pure and
ready to receive the gift to be able to have the Holy Ghost with her
always. SO HAPPY!

Sunday we got to have a lesson on the plan of salvation with one of
our 9 year old recent converts and her family. We may or may not have
played hide and go seek with all the kids beforehand but that's
neither here nor there. They try so hard to be a united happy family
and I love it. You could really feel the spirit testifying of the
truthfulness of our Heavenly Father's plan of happiness for us. We
tried tracting a little after that but it turns out that not many
people want to talk when there's this little thing called the Super
Bowl on...

Im nearing the end of the Book "Jesus the Christ" and the other day I
was reading about his Atoning sacrifice in all of its different
aspects. It finally hit me that there was a time in his struggling
where he was entirely alone. He did what no other person could do. He
did it because he loved us and he knew that him giving his life was to
fulfill Heavenly Father's plan for us o make it back to him. How
grateful I am that we have a Savior who did that and who lives today.
I know he will come again and I can't wait :)

Hope everyone's week is the bomb diggity🤘🏼

Sister Thorum

if you look really close there's the church in the background

casually holding a ball python named Lucy


excuse my crazy car but SISTER TSALAGI

sun rays all the way down to Antelope


The OG Tammy squad

Justin being Justin

I needed me some Sista Frost

we go big in Antelope


sorry.  I was just kinda feeling my hair that day

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