Friday, March 31, 2017


Hello everyone! This week has just flown! Area book crashed on
Saturday but luckily we just had one lesson and a bunch of tracting.

Last Monday brought miracles :) We had the Mondell family's first
family home evening together! It's an evening spent together as a
family learning and having fun and going over your upcoming week. They
loved just being able to spend time together. We taught the Plan of
Salvation and had them each take a step of it to draw out. It was
humbling to see how deeply they thought about things. You could really
feel the spirit there that night. I definitely have a testimony that
the family is the most basic unit of God's plan for all of us. They
are strongest when they are built upon the teachings of Christ.

Tuesday was the bomb too! To preface my story, that morning we did
some tracting and then headed to do service. Before we left, I felt
the impression to put some pass along cards and a pen in my jacket
pocket. I didn't think too much of it but thought, "Eh, what the heck
why not?" Then we were on our way! We did service at this one thrift
store and got to work in the furniture department this week. We
started talking with one of the workers and listened as he told us of
some of the struggles him and his family are having to face. As we
were getting ready to leave I was so grateful that I put the cards and
pen in my pocket because I was able to leave our number with him! We
told him that our church loves family and could provide some peace for
him and his wife. Well, as every missionary like EVER understands,
normally people don't get back in contact with you from that. BUT WAIT
WE GET HOME AND WHAT DO WE SEE?! A text from him saying he would talk
to his wife about meeting with us!!! BLESSINGS!

On Wednesday we had interviews with President Marston. Half the time
we talked about my family's new puppy back home😂 But he let me know
that I'll probably be leaving Rocklin next transfer at the beginning
of March. Gotta bust my butt before then! No idea where I'll go though

Thursday was zone meeting and then a lesson with one of our returning
less actives, Sister R! She is getting back in the habit of reading
her scriptures every day. We read from the Book of Mormon with her.
Never underestimate the power of that book ;)

Friday brought more door knocking! We also were able to contact a
referral we received for a part member family who just moved from
Citrus Heights. They were busy but we were able to swap info! Im
excited to teach them hallelujah. We had dinner with THE cutest (ok
one of the cutest because there are a cute) pregnant lady!! Sister
Rodriguez graduated from the ByU nursing program a bit ago and said to
keep in touch when I go back :)

Saturday we had another lesson with Sister Mondell. She opened up a
lot more to us and we had a lesson from 3 Nephi 27. She did something
I hadn't seen anyone else do before. She would read through the verse
and then say it in her own words. It was so fun to see how she
interprets things and how much the gospel means to her. That family
still has a ways to go but we definitely have a better direction for
them. We were able to resolve some of her concerns and recommit her to
read from the scriptures a little bit every day. That morning I had
prayed for an opportunity for us to us technology in our missionary
work and it came in handy during her lesson! We were able to show her
how to search the scriptures by topic using the topical guide on her
iPad. She was seriously so excited and felt like that was something
she could handle. The spirit changed so much throughout that lesson. I
know that Heavenly Father is very aware of each of His children and
their needs and abilities. He wants to help us improve and knows that
we all go at our own pace. I love getting to see that out here.

Sunday was funday fo sho. We had breakfast at one of our ward's
bishop's house. Cinnamon rolls never tasted so good. We had some
people to church but one of our investigators couldn't make it because
she almost ended up in the emergency room for her hand. Dang it Satan!
Luckily she's ok and in good spirits :)

Welp, since the day of luv is coming up I guess I could bear my
testimony on charity, the pure love of Christ :) I'm almost through
with my reading of Jesus the Christ and I can't help but think of how
much He must love us to have done what He did on our behalf. He had
the power to stop all of the terrible things people wanted to do to
him. He could have retorted to every person who ignorantly assaulted
Him. But He chose not to. He chose to see things in an eternal
perspective. He knew that His sacrifice was needed in behalf of all
mankind. Heavenly Father loved all of us enough to send His perfect
Son to suffer and die for us so that through Him we might be saved.
I've been trying to emulate that perfect love for those we teach. I am
definitely NOT perfect at it yet, but  hey I'm getting better.

Love y'all!
Sister Thorum

Ps I'm all good mom the flood warnings and evacuation didn't come down
this far. The missionaries in the areas north of us got evacuated

Lol had to document the day area book crashed

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