Friday, March 31, 2017

It's gettin' a little Indiana Jones up in here! (January 6, 2017)

Well this week just zipped by.

Monday brought a few car troubles but now I know how to effectively
fill a tire with a slightly jacked up hubcap with air

Tuesday I went on exchanges with Sister Winward and we were working in
the YSA Ward! We did a ton of knocking but we found this really cool
girl who goes to Sierra College. Ames Juliet. She let us in out of the
pouring rain and we started to tell her who we are and what we do. She
apparently is from Brazil but her family let her go to school in
Illinois right by Nauvoo! She even knew what Carthage jail was and
everything! She has a little bit of a Catholic background and feels
like God is there. We left her with the Book of Mormon and a challenge
to read. So cool right?! For all those of you missionaries who are
reading this: TRACTING WORKS (sometimes). At least we're proving our
diligence and putting our faith in the Lord and that He will place
those who are ready in our path. Also, that day we had a first lesson
with their new investigator Ricky. He is dating a member and she came
and another guy from the ward came. We taught and testified that we
have a Father in Heaven who wants to answer our questions. He loves us
enough to give us prophets and priesthood power. All we have to do is
search, ponder, and pray to ask if it is all true.

Wednesday brought more knocking. Ran into a non member who a lady in
our ward is trying to fellowship. Didn't know it until Sister
Hutchinson brought it up and then we were all like, "I hope we made a
good impression on her (the non member) while we were chit chatting
with her". You never know who's watching, people.

Surprise surprise, Thursday brought more knocking as well. We tracted
a couple streets in the Rocklin 1st ward area. On one court we found
several people who we think legitimately want to have us back! Stay
tuned folks. Had a great lesson with Brother Mondell. It's cool to see
how when you really focus on the Book of Mormon, answers come. We're
just helping him realize what some of his answers are because he is a
very analytical person. He's gonna get it we just know it!

Friday was weekly planning and more contacting.

On Saturday we had a lesson with Brother Mondell's son! I guess he was
the first one to official start taking the missionary discussions. We
kind of took some time to find out where he was at and what all he
knows. He straight up said to us that he feels like he knows the
history of the church more than the principles behind it. Like wut.
This kid is so smart and we are way excited to teach him and really
help him understand those foundational principles of our gospel. High
hopes for this family.

On Sunday we had a couple of people to church as well!! I just love
how much fellowshipping goes on within the ward. Everyone is on the
look out at church to have the chance to reach out and say hello to
people they don't know. I feel like that would be a fun calling, just
to be a sacrament meeting greeter who gets to know everyone and their
stories. Everyone just needs to feel loved and accepted once they
enter the church building.

We went on a mini Indiana Jones adventure today. We checked out the
tomb of Joel Parker Whitney!! He founded a bunch of stuff out here so
thought we might check it out. Pics included.

This week I had the thought of "I'm getting a little bit tired". Right
after that thought I told myself, "but I gotta keep going." I know we
all have times that we are just exhausted, mentally, spiritually,
physically. But I also know that the Savior is the source of energy
and living water. Whenever I remember my calling as a missionary and a
representative of Jesus Christ I feel a sudden boost of energy come
into me. By myself I wouldn't be able to push through being tired.
With Him, I have the strength I need to spread this gospel. That's
what we all get to experience as members of the church. We are never
to be weary in well-doing and I believe the way we do it is by
centering all of our works on the Savior.

Thus begins BIRTHDAY week!!! We'll find some way to celebrate me not
being a teenager anymore. This should be fun :)

Hope everyone's week is the bomb,
Sister Thorum

casa de Santa Fe with the homies

tracking through apartment complex puddles aka the ocean

chilling at zone meeting

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