Friday, March 31, 2017

I beat teen pregnancy!! (January 23, 2017)

Heyyyy guess who's not a teenager anymore?! Thank you for all of the
birthday wishes. I was very taken care of and we had dinner and cake
at the Mondells!

Monday we got to brush up on our sweet volleyball skills. Watch out.

Tuesday I went on exchanges with Sister Wall to YSA. The party was
ragin. We got to follow up with Juliet and she has been reading from
the Book of Mormon! She's reading it more like a story but she'll get
there. We knocked more doors and found a sweet little Asian family
that they're going to go back to. Back in Rocklin they found a lady
named Karla in our apartment complex! She lives at the address of a
former investigator and needed help moving in. She said that she is
probably not going to be Mormon at all but we were able to answer a
lot of her questions about what we believe. Turns out we have a lot
more in common than she thought we did :)

Wednesday brought more knocking doors! Went over to a former
Investigators house and played play doh with one of her sons. His mom
seemed so appreciative of us coming over and still thinking about
them. Later that night we had a lesson with Sister Conklin and helped
her gain more insight on how to receive revelation through reading the

Thursday was pretty awesome. We had the BEST lesson with Brother
Mondell. We solely talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how
to access its enabling power. He is going through some interesting
trials at work with some hard feelings to get over. But he recognizes
that he can't give them up on his own. I was able to bear testimony to
him that the Atonement literally covers everything. It helps us let go
of feelings of bitterness and anger. It can replace them with feelings
of peace and joy. We're so excited to hear how his week goes.

Friday was awesome too! We helped Karla a ton and unpacked half of her
house. We also knocked a ton of doors within our apartment complex. No
luck yet but we'll keep trying!

Saturday was the bomb as well!! We had a lesson with Sister Mondell
and her son! We taught the Restoration more in depth and answered a
lot of their questions. Sister Mondell has been living the word of
wisdom and said that she has been feeling a lot more mental clarity!
She won't say it's solely due to living the commandment but we're on
the way!! They committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying
about it and to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet.

church which was fun! Later that night the Mondells had us for dinner
and made special chicken alfredo and birthday cake! They even got me
an orchid and some other stuff! My heart was full :) Ooh and I got a
fun new watch from my family that says "Hello Sunshine" on it because
my mom is uber cute like that. WOHOOOOOO BIRTHDAY!! Now back to
reality :)

Nothing much has changed with Sister Smith and I except that I'm a
senior comp now lol. I was hopin to stay JC fo lyfe but I guess not😂

I had a really big testimony strengthening experience in Brother
Mondells lesson. As we were talking about the Atonement, I had to
reevaluate why I know it to be so powerful? Why do I love being a part
of this church so much? I came to a very honest conclusion. I love it
because it makes me happy. So genuinely happy. I love knowing that I
have a Savior I can always look to for strength.

Hope everyone's week is the🤘🏼
Sister Thorum

transfer devo

Ya know, just trine take a good birthday selfie.

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