Friday, March 31, 2017

The week where I had to dig up the bug spray they gave us forever ago and we all thought we would never have to use.

Another week has just flown by. I'm creeping closer to my halfway mark
and even closer to having to leave Rocklin :( Just tryna bust my butt
out here to find those who need what we have to share. Aaaand trying
to battle the legions of mosquitoes that all magically decided to turn
up this week.

This was the week where I was reunited with Sister Crans!! On Tuesday
my favorite valentine aka Sister Crans came up from Citrus Heights to
take us out for a special ladies Valentine's Day luncheon☺️ It was fun
getting updates on how her family is doing and everything. Her husband
is now the ward mission leader and she loooooves being around the
missionaries even more. (I kinda think that wives of ward mission
leaders are fairly comparable to First Ladies am I right??¿) we also
heart attacked a bunch of folks who needed a lil bit of lovin that
day. We left Karla, one of our investigators, bawling because of the
notes we left for her. Mission accomplished.

Wednesday was ZONE CONFERENCE! I luv luv luv getting together with
other missionaries. We learned about the doctrine of Christ and how we
can implement it better for ourselves. We learned different ways we
need to work on repentance daily. I have noticed that when I am more
humble and willing to repent my teaching skills improve and my desire
to share the gospel increases greatly. We got to sing a sweet lil
version of "Heavenly Father Loves Me." Maybe I'll try and send out the
recording we got of it.

Thursday I went on exchanges with my sista sister (trained by the same
sister) Sister Cozzens! We just talked and talked and talked and did
work and talked and talked. She is headed home this transfer and we
determined that we need to stay in touch with each other. We also met
a less active lady that we've been trying to reach for the past few
weeks #miracles! Then we exchanged back in Granite Bay

Friday brought, you guessed it, more tracting! Luckily we were able to
have a few doorstep lessons. I hope that even if we don't get to teach
most of these people they will still be spiritually uplifted by us
being there to share some of the scriptures. You never know I guess.

Saturday we tracked our lil butts off and did work! One MIRACLE that
we saw came after I went through I little internal struggle. We had
been knocking doors all day and my brain was a little fried from
figuring out where to go and who to try and see. I had kinda hit a
wall and didn't have much motivation to knock doors for another 45
minutes. So we took a few minutes and listened to some motivational
words from modern day apostles and prophets about missionary work. It
did the trick. We ended up finding that day a lady and her little
family that want us to try back this week. I was very humbled that

Sunday was fun because we went around contacting tons of folks. We
have two people that want to set up appointments this coming week!

Fun fact of the week: the apartment right above the YSA sister's
apartment took part in the Great Flood part 2. Sooo it was raining
inside their apartment and they had to get out of it for a little bit
while they dry it out with a million fans. It's been one giant
sleepover :) #rocklin4sisterapartmentforthewin #4sistersto1bathroomok

Hope y'all have fantastic weeks!!! Keep it real.
Sister Thorum

1) Mamma Crans
2) the best zone you will ever meet (minus the APs #sorryboutit)
3) our bomb attempt at making a heart on Valentine's Day #missionarydab
4) we knocked this fabulous iridescent door this week #imnotthatcreepyok
5) zone conference❤️
6) my sister sister
7) me feeling happy and humbled on our fun day of tracting
8) having too much fun with YSA sleepover ft. Sister Winward
9) zone song

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