Thursday, March 30, 2017


Lol but really though I'm down to less than a year!! Man being a
missionary is the bomb. This week I think I finally learned the true
definition of knocking doors, because literally almost all of our set
appointments fell through. I have never started so many random sorta
gospely conversations in. my. life. It's actually really fun though!
You get to meet awesome random people and start talking with them. You
get to sometimes find out things they would normally never tell people
that they literally just met two seconds ago. They either tell you
about how they are not interested or they appreciate what we do or
tell us to come back another time OR they are genuinely interested in
what we have to say. It's awesome when people realize that we are just
regular teenage kids trying to love and serve and share what has
changed our lives.

Among those we knocked into this week we have a Southern Baptist man
with a creepy butler dummy holding Christmas candy on his front porch
(unfortunately I didn't get to grab any before we had to scurry away),
a Lutheran lady who loves prayer and gave us these massive orange
looking fruit things called canarans(?), a woman who wanted to shoo us
away quickly but not before I quickly passed a Book of Mormon through
to her to maybe, JUST MAYBE read one day, and a very nice man from
Wales. Gotta love Cali.

Our coolest lesson this week came from the Lutheran lady who gave us
organic funky fruit. Her son opens the door and immediately knows that
his mom would do better in this conversation than he would (or maybe
we were just a little too scary :). She comes to the door and tells us
about how she has recently found God and that it's changes her life.
BINGO (here's where we tend to go off of what they already know and
build on their faith in Christ!). I bring up a scripture from the Book
of Mormon and she seems to believe at first that we don't consider the
Bible scripture. Lol don't tell that to my freshman year seminary
teacher. I share Helaman 5:12 and it lines up with all the things she
is telling us about how she feels like we in our day are in spiritual
warfare and that when we rely on Christ we can't go wrong. THEN she
tells us a really cool experience she had with prayer a little while
previous to this. She could feel the influence of the spirit so
strong! Now at this point she's getting a little antsy to get us off
her hands, but I felt prompted to leave a chapter of the Book of
Mormon with her. It's Enos 1 and it talks about how a prophet prayed
for hours on end, pleading with the Father to forgive him and to bless
him and his people and even his enemies. Her interest seemed a little
piqued. We gave her the Book and she said she might someday read it. I
don't know that we'll be back in the next little bit because she
seemed pretty set in her ways, but the spirit was definitely there to
testify that the Book of Mormon and the Bible are true and that they
testify of a Heavenly Father and a Savior who love us. I know that the
Book of Mormon contains THE fullness of Christ's everlasting gospel. I
know that if you read and ponder and pray about its words, you can
come to know the truthfulness of them too.

On Saturday we got to go up to Marysville and Yuba City for a baptism
that Sister Smith was involved in from her previous area. A lot of
that area is definitely not as well to do as Rocklin and it reminded
me of the good ole days in Antelope! Man I loved it. It's just
interesting the wide gamut of people I get to work with over the span
of a year and a half. And I get to love ALL of them! (Well, most of
the time...)

Thank you everyone who sent Christmas cards and gifts!! I hope I got
everyone on my thank you card list so if I didn't, call me out ok? I
hope everyone had a happy and safe Christmas and New Years!!! We
toasted our Martinelli's to ring in the new year. Now time to get to
setting some goals!! Get to it y'all!


Sister Thorum

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