Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dude! You got your eyebrows shredded?! (December 26, 2016)

So we found coupons the other day for eyebrow threading and so we
thought eh, what the heck why not go get them done today. (It hurt
quite a little bit btw). Anyways, so I walk into the church gym and
proclaim the adventure we went on and one elder thought I said that we
got our eyebrows shredded. It will from here on out always come to my
mind that we go out to get our eyebrows shredded.

Welp. Christmas has come and gone and I almost don't know what to do
with myself. Good thing today is p-day so I have time to recover from
the emotional roller coaster I went on this weekend.

Tuesday was the bomb diggity because we were able to teach a lesson to
a guy named David who the sisters had helped move before I got here.
We knocked and he opened up saying that he isn't normal home at this
time of day but that he had some special training that morning that
let him out early. (Hint: Heavenly Father knows His children and there
isn't such a thing as a coincidence on a mission ;) We taught him
about the Book of Mormon and we challenged him to begin reading it. He
asked where he should begin and everything! I'm excited to see where
this goes!

We had a lot of other appointments fall through this week what with
people going out of town or, let's be honest, straight up forgetting.
Then, the winter cold fairy made a stop at my place and I was down for
the count for a bit. But life is good and, as always the motto is
"Onward and Upward!"

We taught a lesson to this one lady named Rachel who recently moved
from China. She welcomes us in and proceeds to tell us alllll about
her and her family. She had so many questions all revolving around how
our church is different from all the other Christian churches out
there. We got to explain to her about the Book of Mormon and the
priesthood power and all kinds of things! We don't know exactly how
interested she is in potentially joining the church, but it's cool to
help her understand what we believe and invite her to make small
changes in her life in order to come closer to Christ!

Christmas Eve was a party maaaaaan! We started off the morning at the
Lindsay family's house. They fed us delicious Christmas Eve waffles
and then we jammed out! I need to pick up the uke or somethin out
here. I gotta step up my game.

We also did caroling as a zone and it was really cool. We got to hand
out Light the World cards and show the video to a few people as well!
We kinda frozed our lil butts off, but it was worth it.

Had dinner with the Smurthwaite family and they are seriously the
bomb. They included us in their live nativity and everything.
Kiersten, you should room with their daughter Kirsten out at BYU :)

CHRISTMAS WAS AWESOME! Well, except for dinner cancelling on us that
night :) we went to both sacrament meetings and listened to all the
fun Christmas music. Luckily, both bishops invited us over to dinners
and hangouts and stuff like that (so don't worry, we were taken care
of). After church we went home and grabbed a quick lunch before we
FACETIMED OUR FAMILIES! Needless to say that I bawled my eyes out. It
was so good to see my fam jam!! The girls are looking like ladies and
it's freakin me out. I luckily left the FaceTime conversation feeling
a little emotional drained but supported and very loved. The net
little five month stretch is bound to go by in no time :) We went for
fondue at Bishop Brasher's house and crazy wonderful kids. Then we
went to the Lincoln sister's apartment to see everyone :) (Ooh and
someone made the best eggnog milkshakes I have ever had in my life).
We finished off the night at Bishop Johnson's house and listened to
the mini Christmas concert they had going on. I'm talkin cellos, ukes,
chimes, accordions, and much more.

I am determined to treat everyday like Christmas!! I would invite
everyone to figure out what your gift to Christ is going to be this
coming year. I'm going to come up with my own little list of things I
can do to always honor the babe born in Bethlehem. I promise that as
we all try to be a little more focused on Christ, we will find
ourselves transformed into much more selfless people. I've learned
that I am happiest when I take the focus off of myself and onto others
and my Savior.

Sister Thorum

Sister Benion

True sistas

guess who Amy!

Christmas Eve at president's house

the worlds most ginormous chocolate bar ever



cause we are sisters, we stand together, we make up one big family though we don't look the same

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