Friday, March 31, 2017

The week where we committed a new investigator to baptism (February 27, 2017)

I'm down to my last week (probably) in Rocklin­čśó Dang all the goooood
stuff happens right as I'm about to leave areas!! Haha no but really
this week was the bomb. Sister Smith and I have been hitting the
pavements hard core these past two transfers and we're finally seeing
some potential come up out of all of it.

Here are just some of the highlights:
-Tuesday brought a lesson with a lady named Kelli that we've been
TRYING to meet with for the past couple of weeks. She was a referral
and sounded really nice and excited over the phone. Well we went over,
had a bomb lesson about the restoration of Christ's church upon the
earth, challenged her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and
Joseph Smith, and invited her to be baptized!! She was all like um yes
I was just hinting about how I should be baptized last week and we're
all like ok we can help you make that happen :) Seriously so sweet and
she is so eager to learn about her true potential in this life and
-I went up to Granite Bay to go on exchanges with Sister Tsalagi! We
picked up a new investigator for them and did a little bit of service
at a care home. Needless to say, my Kings in the Corner skills have
soared thanks to my grandmas there showing up and kickin butt each
time we go.
-We were tracting in a gated neighborhood and a random lady started
running up to us. She and her husband had both served missions and
were just excited to see missionaries walking around! They invited us
in and we met the husbands parents who aren't members but are THE
sweetest (Gina and Todd). They sent us on our way with yogurt (that
miiiiight have been 3 weeks expired but whatevs) and some dang good
banana bread. Ooh and they told us to stop by whenever! Hello new
-On Friday we biked our lil butts off! I thought I was going to be ok
(and I slightly was) but we had accidentally scheduled a ton of stuff
in the Rocklin 1st ward which is farther from where we live. Soooo I'm
a little saddle sore but hey life's good I got to bike!!
-We had four investigators to church hallelujah! Marriage and family
class was bomb as usual. I'm learning lots Mom lol.

In a meeting this week we talked about how important it is that we are
helping people find ways to keep the sabbath day holy. I know that
Sunday is a day meant for our benefit, for our rest and spiritual
growth. I know that church is the place to be and that we are renewing
sacred covenants when we partake of the sacrament worthily. I would
challenge y'all to find a few ways to improve your sabbath day
worship. I can promise that peace, a greater sense of belonging, and
an increase feeling of God's love for you will accompany that effort.

Love y'all!
Sister Thorum

1. Casually putting a Book of Mormon into a shared library­čĺü­čĆ╝
2. Inside jokes?¿
3. Selfies cause I love rolling down the windows in the car while driving
4. We be tractin with beautiful sunsets
5. We found little balls of seeds that were little bombs so naturally
we had too much fun chucking them at the ground and each other

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