Friday, March 31, 2017

MLC party crashers (January 9, 2017)

Welp. This week definitely didn't go as planned but it was
sufficiently awesome.

Monday began with loads of volleyball. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

Tuesday brought interviews with President Marston!!  Man I love that
guy. We talked about transfers, mission rules, changes coming up, a
future eternal companion, Emergen-C, and lots more. Later on in the
evening we had a lesson with our investigator Chad. We taught more
about the Book of Mormon and committed him to come to church. He said
he had been looking at a few different churches and that if he wasn't
working he would come! He ended up not showing but I have faith that
one day it will work out.

Wednesday brought quite a bit of knocking doors. But I'm tellin ya,
tracting brings miracles. We were looking for this one former
investigator but she wasn't home. We decided to knock a couple of the
doors around her and we ran into the sweetest lady!! Her name is
Janelle (like not with the normal J sound but with a French sounding
J). She is into all kinds of TV shows and movies and gave us the whole
plot lines of not just one, but several Supernatural episodes. We
talked a little bit about the plan of salvation and what the purpose
of this life is. We set up another time with her to share more! Gah
lee I just love humble folk.

Thursday brought a new adventure: MLC (mission leadership conference)!
I'm not an STL but my companion is and President asked that I come up
as well. I felt a little bit like the freshman sitting in the senior
section, but I also felt pretty special. It was a day full of cinnamon
rolls and claps. We got to study a lot more about the Restoration and
why it is so important in what we teach. I could feel the spirit
testify so strongly of the reality of a living prophet on the earth
today, Thomas S. Monson. I know that because Heavenly Father loves all
of His children, He gave us a prophet in these the last days to lead
and direct the Church according to the instruction of the Lord. Later
that night we had a lesson with Brother Mondell. We normally study out
of the Book of Mormon and bring up any questions or insights that we
had as we read. (Side not: it's amazing what a tool of revelation the
Book of Mormon is if you let it be). The subject turned to repentance
and forgiveness. Through a series of questions we found out that
Brother Mondell doesn't know what full forgiveness feels like. We went
through all of the steps of repentance and he said that he had never
considered asking God for forgiveness. He understood the whole saying
sorry and working to make hints right again, by never to purposefully
ask God to forgive him. We challenged him to do just that. There's a
lot of praying going on that he notices the difference, the weight
that is lifted as he truly repents. I know that through repentance we
can come to know that God is there because he makes it possible for
all traces of guilt to be swept away. He knows how to succor us if we
let him.

Friday was fairly mellow. Planned for another bomb week this week.

Saturday consisted of seeing some less actives and just getting out to
meet people.

Sunday was a blur of 7 1/2 hours of meetings and church. We did have 4
investigators to church though!!

This week we really tried to earn our pillows! I didn't take many
pictures but made a goal to be better at that. So here's a selfie of
Sister Winward and I on p-day.

Sister Thorum

P.s. Mighta kinda sorta hit my 7 month mark this week.... #gettinold

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