Friday, March 31, 2017

"I hate alllll the bashers in the whole world" (January 30, 2017)

Jk hate is a strong word. I very much dislike running into people who
enjoy religion bashing of any kind. This week we knocked on a lady's
door and instead of politely turning us down, she decided to tell us
about all of the things wrong with our religion and how we should
reevaluate all the things we believe in. She also proceeds to describe
how we don't believe that Jesus is also known as God or the Lord. EVEN
after I tried explaining to her that we do.... We graciously tried to
bow out of the conversation when we knew that she was only going to
hear what she wanted to hear :)

This week was great!! We have some fantastic new additions to the
zone. Volleyball will continue to be on point👌🏼

We did a TON of tracting this week but found some fun potentials to go back to!

We had a fantastic lesson with Brother Mondell this week. He said that
he hasn't noticed his burdens completely lifted, but that there's
definitely some improvement. He says he just wants to keep practicing
it. HES SO CLOSE YALL! He seems to be talking with a lot more faith,
like he knows his Heavenly Father is aware of him. Both him and his
wife came to church on Sunday and we had a great lesson in the
marriage and family class they're holding in the ward.

We got to teach a new investigator named Raj who randomly called us
out of the blue a few weeks ago. He wanted to learn more about what we
believe it! We finally met with him this week and taught him the
Restoration. By the time we recited the First Vision and read Moroni's
promise he was all like, "So are you gonna give me one of these books
or...?" Haha he wants to read the whole Book of Mormon by the end of

Our missionary schedule got changed up a little bit but mostly in
regards to flexibility. We have a little more wiggle room on when to
do certain things throughout the day. I'm loving it so far. Pluuusss
we get a little bit longer p-day, so I will not complain :)

I'm trying to work on focusing on the sacrament throughout the week.
I've found that it helps me to repent of the little things as I go. I
have more drive to change and be better. This way, when I get to
Sunday and I need to turn my thoughts especially to the sacrament, I
feel less like a chump who does it last minute. I find that I'm calmer
and more focused! I'd highly recommend it☺️

Hope everyone's week is fantasmic!!
Sister Thorum


Reunited and it feels so GOOD

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