Thursday, March 30, 2017

Treat every day like Christmas (December 5, 2016)

Well the official Christmas countdown has begun!! Cannot WAIT until I
can see my fammmm jammmm on Christmas! I have my Christmas music
blaring in the car (missionary appropriate though), I have my fuzzy
socks on hand, and I have a pantry full of hot chocolate. Bring. It.

So on Tuesday and Thursday I was up in Granite Bay on exchanges with
my girl Sister Singer. She and I are totally gonna hang after the
mish. We got to do a ton of service on Tuesday at some old folks homes
and a food distribution spot. Also, got to have Panera Bread for the
first time in like 6 months!! Speaking of six months, I'm gonna hit my
six month mark on the 8th of this month! So naturally I bought myself
a new nail polish color. It's the little things really. On Thursday we
got to drive through a neighborhood called Wexford Park. One word:
mansions. I felt like Cinderella driving through that place (me the
peasant girl showing up to the castle). That day we did a lot of
contacting and trying to invite less active people to the ward's
Christmas party and to the stake nativity event.  On Wednesday we
helped some older people in our stake in their Book of Mormon class.
They are studying Jacob 5 and going really in depth on all the
symbolism and everything in it. It's really cool to just trace the
Savior's love throughout it. Saturday was a doozie. We helped almost
all day at the stake nativity activity. They had the whole stake
center set up with nativities from all around the world. They also had
choirs from lots of different schools and churches perform throughout
the three days it was going on. We as missionaries got to sing too! We
sang a few hymns and were able to testify of our Savior in that way.
It was cool to see how many people were touched by it. There's
definitely a special spirit that comes with Christmas.

On Sunday night we got to go watch the First Presidency Christmas
devotional. That's where leaders of our church just give special
messages about the Savior and Christmas and the Mormon Tabernacle
Choir sings their guts out and it's just awesome. One of the main
things I caught was that Christ's whole life and His Atonement are His
gift to all of us. We don't just celebrate His birth at this time of
year; we celebrate His entire life. One of the speakers said that we
wouldn't have Christmas without Easter. If we didn't have the Savior's
Atonement, we wouldn't have a reason for the season. So celebrate Him
this year! Make a difference by finding little ways to serve those
around you. Fill the world with His light.

Little miracle: we're going to be able to teach both Brother and
Sister Mondell this coming Thursday!! I'm excited to help them both
get on similar pages. It'll help the family become more unified! They
are both so sincere and wonderful. I'm excited for the moment when it
clicks for both of them.

Hope y'all have a rockin' week,
Sister Thorum

a night bull of exchanges

the one and only Sister Singer

driving Sister Marston's van out

Sister Fredrickson's sister in law!

selfie while hosting'

eating too much at Black Bear Diner

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