Wednesday, June 8, 2016

yo I made it

Day 1:

Heyyyyy so I'm in!!!!  Things were pretty crazy.  They kind of shuffle you in like cattle.  I haven't met my comp yet but it is that Sister Anderson that I mentioned before.  We're going to the same mission. My teachers seem pretty cool so far.  I get to do some orientation stuff on the computer and then I think we do district stuff and then get all the new missionaries together to hear from the President or something like that.  I'm in a dorm room with possibly six girls in there.  We're on the first floor and my classroom is right across the way.  It's weird calling everybody elder and sister.  Gonna take some getting used to.  They bring you on in and practically sweep you away so quick that you almost don't even have time to be sad.  It's totally weird that I'm here now din the thank.  It was nice to have Uncle Mike and Aunt Megan there to see me off.  I'm feeling pretty excited as of right now.  The Church is true and I'm excited to go forth!  Hopefully I won't bomb my classes or anything ;)  Sorry I don't know what all I should tell you guys right now...Things were just crazy, all of us youngness coming' in here.  I have my magnetic name badge and everything official.  Don't forget to send pics while I'm out here!  I'll try to figure out how to once I have some free time.  It feels like lots of people know each other out here.  I can't wait to meet people and make friends.  Make me feel a little less crazy coming in here.  Well I should probably get back into my classroom but I should be able to email again in the next week or so!  It's a beautiful day to save lives people.  Love ya!!!

Sister Thorum