Thursday, March 30, 2017

I'm totally ok with cheating for the mission Christmas card (December 12, 2016)

So in our mission the mission President wanted each companionship to
send a picture of themselves with their Christmas trees to compile
into a giant mission Christmas card to send everywhere. Naturally,
Sister Thorum is super excited and proceeds to dig out the Christmas
tree that's hidden in the apartment closet somewhere. Imagine the
disappointment when she pulled out a Christmas tree that was all of
about a foot tall. She was not about to take a picture next to that
sad little sculpture of wires wrapped in pipe cleaners, so she decided
to take action and find one of the coolest trees in the ward to take a
picture with. Needless to say, Sister Wycoff comes in clutch. Stay
tuned for the mission Christmas card featuring Sister Vaitohi and I
posing with a Disney inspired Christmas tree.

On Monday we both got really freaked out because we come out of our
dinner to jump in the car and we notice something strange. There's a
full pack of Reese's peanut butter cups sitting in the front seat.
None of the doors had been left open, none of the windows were down,
and the car was locked the whole time. If this is the breaking into
car that Rocklin has, I'll take it. But really it did creep us out
cause we have no idea how they got there...

Miracle of the week happened on Tuesday. We were knocking some doors
trying to contact some less actives and potentials in the area and we
met someone! The less active family that lived there was no longer at
the address so we started talking to one of the guys that lives there
now! His name is Ryan and he is super open to learning about the
gospel. We shared with him a little bit and he started spouting off
questions to us about everything. We invited him to our ward Christmas
party that weekend and he came! Miracles happen through knocking doors
people! Sad story but I think we'll have to pass him off to the YSA
sisters because that's probably where he should go but still! Happy

I got to go out on splits with one of the laurels in the ward and it
was super fun. Her name is Emily and she is really pumped about
missionary work. It's super fun being in these wards where people are
dying to come out with us. They really get to see how us missionaries
roll. I'm grateful for all of those people who do take the time and
effort to come out with us. If you haven't been able to, try setting
some time aside to go out with the missionaries. It has really changed
my perspective on the way we share the gospel.

On Thursday I hit my six month mark! It has officially been over six
months since I've been able to give my family a hug. Ladies and gents
it's boggles my mind that I've made it to this point. I started off
that day by curling a woman named June's hair at one of the old folks
homes we go to. She was beaming and we got to talk all about
Christmas. It was awesome. Later that night we got to have a lesson
with Brother Mondell. It was touching to see how he's learning to rely
on strength besides his own. For so long he has developed the practice
of being extremely self reliant. Now that's not a bad thing at all,
but it is taking him some time to rely on the strength of the Savior's
Atonement for us, because we can be so much stronger that way than any
way we can come up with on our own. I've gotten to do a little bit of
thinking about the time when I was dealing with the brunt of my ankle
situation a few years ago. I consider myself to be a fairly
independent person who thinks they can do a lot on their own. But
through that trial I had to learn patience and trust, trust in that
Heavenly Father would one day make things better for me. I had to see
that since the Savior did it I can too. I learned that I couldn't do
it all on my own but that I had to rely on the Savior and those around
me who love me to buoy me up. It's really cool to see someone starting
to open up to that idea. I'm just waiting for the gradual lightbulb
moment that Brother Mondell is going to have, because I know that it
will come. He studies everyday and prays and repents and comes to
church and is so involved in his spiritual studies that there is no
way he will not be a member of the church in the next little while.

Friday and Saturday were the ward Christmas parties!! 5th Ward was on
Friday and 1st was on Saturday. We were able to invite a new
investigator named Ryan but he didn't stay for long. It was a good
start though!

On Sunday we got to go down to the live nativity that they hold at the
Sacramento Temple!!! It was so cool. So they turn the area around the
temple into a Bethlehem look a like. It was a full on production. They
had He birth of the Savior and the shepherds and the wise men and
everything. A live baby too! But probably the most tender mercy ever
was to see some of my favorite people there. We were waiting in line
and who do I see walk up?! None other than Tammy and the Arnold family
and Sister Seely and Sister Frost from Antelope!!! I was cryin.

So transfers have come and I will be getting a Sister Smith down here!
Sister Vaitohi isn't going far, just to Lincoln (and she will be
living in our area anyways). I'm so excited!!!

Sister Thorum

The zonies

comp Christmas pic

the Zumba family

we rode in a horse and carriage!!!

rocklin loves me



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