Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Yo I made it (June 15, 2016)

Hey so I'm officially out in the field! We flew out and everything went swimmingly. Now we've just been in a bunch of orientation stuff and then we get to spend the night in a hotel tonight. I hear that we get to sleep a few more hours so I'm not complaining :) We took power naps in the chapel and it was amazing. We get out trainers tomorrow after some more orientation I think and then we'll be off to our new areas. Hope everything is going well back home and know that I am super excited to get to work. Tired but ready. The mission president and his wife seem super awesome and ready to direct us. We met some of the missionaries in here and a ton of them seem super nice. There's some beautiful space up here let me tell ya.

LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!!

Sister Thorum

There were photos attached to this email that I can't seem to open up.  I'll be working on it.

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