Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This week I learned how to roll cigarettes... (July 18, 2016)

Hey y'all The work is busier than ever here in Antelope.

This week we had a few lessons with Terry. We taught her about the
Word of Wisdom and how she can rely on her Savior to help her to stop
smoking and drinking coffee because she wants to be baptized soooo
bad. So on Wednesday we went over and helped her clean her entire
house. (She had had boarders who she had to evict cause they were
awful but when they left, they made sure she knew how upset they were.
The place was nasty). She's just been under a lot of stress because
the ex roommates trashed her house and stole a bunch of her stuff and
changed locks and on and on and on. We took our force of missionaries
and got the job done. The spirit feels so much better in her home and
she was very grateful. As she was saying the prayer before we left,
she thanked Heavenly Father for her sisters (that's us!!) and to give
her more strength to stop smoking and drinking coffee because she
hadn't done that at all that day. We were basically screaming
internally. We are so proud of how far she has come and that she is
willing to do hard things to follow Christ. She also came to a baptism
of a cute little 8 year old named Toni (from another ward). Toni and
her family loooove the missionaries and have been there to support so
many investigators. The spirit was so strong there and got Terry
excited for what's coming up for her! She also wants to be able to
teach all she's learning to her granddaughter. We've prayed a lot for
her and things are getting better every day. One idea that Sister

Chicos had to help Terry stop smoking is by making a scripture
cigarette box. We take old cigarette boxes and cover them with fun
decorations and then roll up little cigarettes with scripture verses
on them so that every time they get an urge to smoke, they can pull
out these words of encouragement.

Tammy has been working a ton and has had family situations pop up and
personal illness so she hasn't been able to come to church :/ But she
texts us everyday for a chapter in the scriptures to read! She always
knew that she wanted to be Mormon but that this time in her life feels
right for her to get baptized and be a member. This was a huge
reminder to me that the Lord really does prepare these people that we
teach. We are just there to help and invite these people to something
that will bring them the greatest happiness we could ever think of and

Cecil took a bad fall earlier this week and is lookin pretty rough. He
broke something in his arm and is in his bed most of the time. We were
able to come over with two brethren and give him a priesthood
blessing. He felt so loved by all of the people who came to see him.
The funny/tragic part of this story is that his initial fall happened
when he went outside to light a smoke. He said this must be the big
man upstairs telling him something. He promised us that he would not
let another cigarette touch his lips. We're hoping this is kind of a
fresh start in teaching him and helping him grow in his testimony of
the Book of Mormon. Prayers goin up for Papi.

Peter is planning on going to the temple to perform baptisms for the
dead! In the temple, we can stand to represent someone who has passed
away to perform ordinances, such as baptism, for them. He's also super
excited to do family history work and find out more about his
grandparents and great grandparents. He will be a great influence for
his family. Well sometimes his his grand niece Sierra (she's like 5)
when we come to read with Peter. She loves to read the Book of Mormon
stories and loves to see her SISTERS! Even if it's just a seed, it's
comforting to know that this testimony will continue to grow in her.

We taught the family that has the three kids who want to be baptized
the other day. Sometimes their language around each other isn't the
nicest and they put each other down. We challenged them to pick one
person each day that they could compliment sincerely. We practiced by
going around in a circle and saying something nice about each person
in the circle. Even though this was something small, we could tell a
difference in the spirit that was felt there. Hopefully this sticks
and they will continue to build one another up! That family has a
special place in my heart.

The ward is starting to grow on me. We're working hard to gain their
trust in us as missionaries and showing them that they can help us.
They're very good at opening up their homes and feeding us too :) I
never realized how vital members are to missionary work before I came
out on my mission. Friends want to hear the gospel from friends. And
ward members have lots of friends who are non members. Plus who
wouldn't want to have two cute, bubbly girls come over and share the
gospel with them!?

I know that Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior. He stands at the
head of this church and this work in bringing souls unto Him. As we
follow his example by turning our thoughts outward, we find ourselves
being molded and shaped by the Master's hand. I love 2 Nephi 9 and how
it talks about the redemption of mankind. The more we learn about the
Atonement and apply it more in our lives, the more we become "at one"
with God. I'm starting to see how this gospel changes people, and
trust me, Rome wasn't built in a day. But if we are diligent and
obedient, two words we use a toooon as missionaries, we will begin to
recognize the shower of heavenly blessings (Uchtdorf got me on that
one) that is continuously raining down upon us.

As always, it's a beautiful day to save lives,
Sister Thorum
Missing the MTC bebes

Found random money on the ground

Crammed our bikes into the back of a member's car cause we were about to be late home

Everybody loves a good bike selfie 

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