Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Still scorching hot here.. (July 4, 2016)

Hey y'all! I'm officially out in the field! My first area is with the
Antelope 2nd ward in the Antelope stake. My companion's name is Sister
Chicos and she is from Rexburg, Idaho. (Ally: she's almost ready to go
home. Do you think you knew her?) I am the fourth sister she has
trained and the last cause she'll be going home after these next 2 or
3 transfers. She's very patient and kind and knows this place
backwards and forwards. And guess who's on a bike? This sista right
here :) the weather has been up in the 100s and so we joke about being
sweaty messes in dresses. The work of the gospel rolls on my friends.
So the first day comes and we head out for the day. I'm going along
just fine and then....dun dun DUN....flat tire. I felt like such a
chump when we had to call the zone leaders and have then come pick up
our bikes so we could walk the rest of the day :/ But now it's just
kinda funny that it happened! Just my luck right?

We're teaching a few people here. There are lots of people here living
in humble living conditions. We're teaching an investigator named
Terry. She is wonderful. She wants to be a part of something and is
studying so hard in her lessons. I challenged her to baptism and she
accepted! We're working towards August 20 if she can quit smoking by
relying on the strength of the Savior and His Atonement. We're also
working with a family who, their kids really want to be baptized but
their mom, who is out of the picture in their lives, is completely
opposed to it. She still has hard feelings from the separation they
went through, but we're praying that her heart is softened. We also
get to read the Book of Mormon with some investigators. Many of them
have childlike faith and it is beautiful. I've found that you don't
need big elaborate words or super deep understanding to teach the
doctrine of Christ. This gospel is simple and wonderful. We also do a
lot of finding members of the ward who are less active or who haven't
come to church in years. We were able to stop by this one lady's house
named Beverly. Found out she is from Georgia so we hit it off quite
nicely. She hasn't been to church in a few years but we invited her
and she texted us saying that she's gonna try to make it this upcoming
Sunday. Another guy we're teaching is named Ryan and he is married to
a less active woman named Alexis. She is wanting to come back to
church and he is working to get Sunday's off so he can come as well.
The things we are teaching Ryan make so much sense to him. He is very
sincere and wants to feel worthy to be baptized. They both are working
towards being sealed in the temple. He just needs to start making it
to church so he can be baptized! Little miracles have happened during
the week. Ooh and we hold a Book of Mormon class every Thursday night
that our investigators and new members come to and we all read
together and talk about it. Pretty lowkey but a nice way to invite the

For Murica day we're getting together with the zone and making fried
chicken for lunch. Water balloons may happen as well so stay tuned....

Life is good. The work is hard and rewarding. My legs are shaping up
quite nicely with all this biking. I'm feeling like a true missionary.

The Zone

pancake the size of my face with the Benson boys

Yup we're pretty dang cute

the notorious flat tire

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