Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thou salt not eat 12 bowls of cereal for dinner... (August 1, 2016)

I'll get to that story in a minute.

This week had its really tough moments for me and then some really
cool ones too. Terry is still on track for August 20 as her baptismal
date! We didn't see her too much this week, but she came to Book of
Mormon class! She was so cute last week. When she found out that two
elders from our zone are leaving next transfer, she asked when the
going away party was gonna be. We were like, um Terry we normally
don't have one... The light in her eyes kinda left and sister chicos
and I looked each other and we're all like, we can totally plan one
though! She lit up and started planning. We're gonna do surprise cake
and ice cream after Book of Mormon class this week for them. Terry has
a soft spot for those two :)

Tammy just moved in with her sister. She was having to kind of fight
her manager for her Sunday's off again. BUT SHE TOTALLY WON. We're so
proud of her for making this such a priority in her life. She
recognizes how she feels when she is able to go to church and set that
time aside. She prays always and is so faithful and loving. She wants
to have some of the missionaries over for dinner because she only
knows how to cook big :)

Cecil is still bummin it with his arm. He's just down and out most of
the time, but loves whenever we come over. Papi is one stubborn son of
a gun.

Peter went to the temple for the first time yesterday and did baptisms
for the dead! He's excited to do some family history work so that he
can take his own names next time. He's so interesting. When you first
meet him, you are a little stumped because the language barrier is a
little tough. You wonder what all Peter understands and if he gets
what you're saying at all. As I've met with him, I've seen how
observant and sincere he really is. He sits and listens to the talks
intently during sacrament meeting and soaks up the gospel principles
lessons. He asked us yesterday about fasting and then connected it to
Esther and her maidens fasting in the bible. He totally brought that
up on his own. He truly does know so much and wants to know so much
more. I know that he is going to be the biggest blessing to his entire
family. Here's him at the temple. ps Peter has the best smile and

We went over to read the Book of Mormon with this inactive lady from our ward.  She had her friend and the friend's daughter over and they were all just on the front porch area.  The friend stayed and her daughter H got up to read with me (she's like 4).  It was so tender.  When I first started reading, I could hear her whispering.  I slowed down a little bit and realized she was reading along with me by copying what i was saying.  She sat still and followed what I said for the entire chapter about the tree of life!  You could definitely feel the spirit so strong as you listened to her sweet little voice reading from the scriptures.  Her mother was crying and told us that it just touched her.  She said that she works so hard and is so stressed with kids and everything that she doesn't know what to do.  We were able to talk with her and help bring some comfort to her.  We're hoping to see her later this week.  Sometimes the Lord puts us in humbling positions so that we can recognize the blessings of the gospel more fully when they do come along.

Now for the 12 bowls story.  The B family had us over for "dinner".  The record for the most bowls of cereal eaten by a sister missionary was like 8 or 9.  We wanted to set the bar high.  12 bowls it was.  We woke up at like 1:30 the next morning and man were we suffering'.  I'm still pretty proud though  :)

Transfers are coming up next week and I'll be sad to see some of these people go :/  Hopefully our zone will gain lots of good new missionaries ready to work!

This gospel is the best thing ever.  I would highly recommend the talk,"In Praise of Those Who Save" by Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  It is inspired counsel to build up and strengthen our families.  Our families are eternal and are the foundational unit of Heavenly Father's plan.  We need to do everything we can to help bring up children in righteousness and love.

Until next week!
Sister Thorum

We don't mess around

Who was really demolished?  Us or those 12 bowls of cereal??

Sister Crans is seriously the best

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