Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Change is a part of our lives. President Marston (June 30, 2016)

Dear Missionaries,

Change is part of our lives.

These wonderful missionaries have returned to start another "transfer".  All of them are prepared to make a difference for righteousness in their lives.   Their futures are all bright due to their learning of diligence, faithfulness, and trust in the Lord.  We love them.  We will miss them.  We pray for them.
Returning Missionaries:
Front Row:  Sister Stanley, Sister Puletuna, Sister Marston, President Marston, Elder Kenney
Back Row:  Elder Koch, Elder Blomquist, Elder Heckel, Elder Bates, Elder Dunn, Elder Willis, Elder Baxter, President Kenney, Elder Williams was picked up by his family

These well-prepared and enthusiastic missionaries arrived on Tuesday the 28th of June.  They came from the Provo MTC, the Mexico MTC and the Philippines MTC.  Such a feeling of "Christmas Day" at the airport meeting them as they arrived.  [Gifts from God]

Arriving Missionaries:
Front Row:  Sister Andersen, Sister Heder, Sister Thorum, Sister Frost, Sister Marston, President Marston, Sister Bice, Sister Crowther, Sister DeLeon, sister Baum, Sister Cragun
Back Row:  Elder Kenney, Elder colton, Elder Munsey, Elder Schiess, Elder Grayson, Elder Hall, Elder Nicholson, President Kenney, Sister Kenney

We love you and pray for you.

Best regards,
President Michael F. Marston
California Roseville Mission

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