Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sister Thorum: Out in the Field (July 11, 2016)

Hello everybody! I have survived another week in Antelope. Terry is
still working towards baptism and we are all going to go over to her
house and help her clean! I've never been so excited to clean in my
whole life. We also met with another investigator named Tammy. She is
so golden. Some of the elders (boy missionaries) in our area referred
her over to us and we met with her and she really wants to get
baptized. She has taken the lessons before but didn't get baptized
then. She feels like her life has lined up since then so that she can
fully live as part of the church. She is so sincere and hardworking.
We love Tammy :) we read the Book of Mormon with a guy named Peter and
his grand niece Sierra. He is from Micronesia (island of Chuke, yes
it's a thing). He is so humble and wants to live the commandments with
exactness. His English isn't the best but is working hard on reading
the scriptures in English. Sierra is so cute too! Man I stinkin love
kids. We're finding new people to teach all the time and we work super
hard. Biking still rocks/stinks but hey EXERCISE. I went on an
exchange in Roseville and Thursday and it's beautiful there! Lots of
hills though. We got fed strawberry cake and a Klondike bar so I can't
complain. I'm getting to know the church family a little better too
which makes me less stressed. Today we went to the driving range and
kicked some butt at golf. Jk I was hitting up tons of turf that's what
I was doing. We bought a golf club for a dollar at a garage sale when
we went. Then one of the elders broke the head off of it :) It was
pretty hilarious. Ooh and I got yelled at from a car when we were
biking to a lesson! It was kinda funny actually. I just ignored what
they said but again, I felt like a true missionary.

I'm studying a lot from the book, Jesus the Christ. It goes in tons of
depth in the life and ministry and miracles surrounding the Savior.
It's a beefy book but a wonderful read. It's so cool the insights that
it provides to his work. I know that if we can grow closer to the
Savior, we will be able to withstand all of the trials that come our
way. Whether it be the hill that you seriously don't know how you are
going to bike up, or the investigator who is going through a hard time
but you just want to love, if we rely on the Savior we can find a way
to get things done. When we hit rock bottom, we remember the Rock that
we should be built on. Then all we gotta do is go on upwards. Man this
gospel is awesome. Everyone find someone they can serve this week! It
will change your perspective and make you more like the Savior each
time you do. And email me! I love to hear what's going on in
everyone's lives :)

Sister Thorum
4th of July

Biking my butt off in Roseville

Sister Cichos and I demolished this brownie lasagna

The double wide chapel that we go to (two chapels in one building!)

Planning on going pro after the fish

I got a little excited

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