Sunday, December 4, 2016

The week where Leatherby's destroyed my arteries (Sept. 9, 2016)

This was my last week of being a greenie!! On top of that, I am killing off my mother (mother being the term for the sister missionary who trained me here in the field). Her stuff is all packed up to go home. My new companion, Sister Seely, will be here tomorrow! She's coming from Paradise and into the refiner's fire aka Antelope. Things really are getting a little warmer down here. Hopefully fall will come sooooooon. 

Terry is the most amazing woman. Never have I seen someone rely on their faith as strongly as she does. The gospel is something truly remembered, not something taught new. She feels the influence of the Spirit so strongly. She keeps telling us that she wants to be baptized and be a part of this church so that she can teach her granddaughter these true principles. 

Elizabeth, one of our inactives (I'm talking no church attendance in yeeeeaaaarrrrrrsssss), came to church on Sunday!! She stayed for all three hours too! It is never too late people, never.

We ate at a place called Leatherby's twice this week. I'm talking massive ice cream sundaes. MIRACLE: Someone mysteriously paid for all of our dinners there one night! #blessed. The sugar high was so real that night. 

Crazy week and crazy week to come!

I'm starting a 60 day Book of Mormon challenge to find all references to Christ in it (starting a little late whoops). My testimony of that book is growing everyday!

Loving being a missionary,
Sister Thorum

Exchanges with Sister Memmott

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