Sunday, December 4, 2016

We did things this week, I promise! (October 24, 2016)

Man, this transfer has just flown by. I find out this coming weekend
whether or not I'll be staying in Antelope.

This week we got to teach Alice, a new investigator who had referred
herself. She seems to be on fire! She loves what she is learning and
she came to church on Sunday! We also taught Tammy a few times and she
was able to score a volunteering job at Deseret Industries. We taught
her about the Word of Wisdom, but before we did, she stopped us and
told us she had thrown away all of her sweet tea. She was a big time
tea drinker, and she just went cold turkey. What an amazing example of
faith. She just reminds me that there are people out here with a true
desire to know that this church is true and be a part of it. No Terry
this week so hopefully she'll get her strength back from her trip to
Vegas so that we can see her in the next few days. We got to do a zone
blitz in another area of Antelope. This just means that all of the
missionaries in the zone were working in one area to help find as many
people as we could for that set of missionaries actually over the
area. It wS super cool to see how inspired my little list of the area
was for me. I met the less active daughter of a lady in our ward. I
met someone who's daughter we had helped teach a month or two ago.
There were other little quirks that let me know that even though I was
in a different area, Heavenly Father knew who I needed to see. All of
the B family came to church!!! Sister Seely was giving a talk and I
was singing a special musical number. Justin, the dad, texted us
afterwards saying that, when I got up there, he thought my voice would
be like nails on the chalkboard but it sounded like a Disney princess!
Lol thanks Justin?

Well, this week is a little short cause I'm feeling kind of under the
weather, but missionary life is just awesome. I heard a talk in church
on Sunday that really changed my perspective on something. Sister
Alafua asked us to close our eyes as she read the final moments
leading up to the saviors crucifixion. She talked about when the
Savior instituted the sacrament. She read about when he suffered in
Gethsemane for all of our sins. She asked us to think about what we
were doing and how we were feeling when we were watching him from
heaven do this for us. I just felt a wave of gratitude because I knew
that I was probably in the pre-mortal existence bawling my eyes out
because I knew that this was part of the plan. His sacrifice for us
was essential for our salvation. I can't even put into words the love
that I know he has for all of us. It makes me want to strive to always
remember him through ordinances such as the sacrament. How cool is it
that each week we get to feel that same love and peace that comes
through the Atonement of Jesus Christ?

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween and eats lots of candy for me! The
sweet tooth is so real for me right now.

Sister Thorum

cute lady named Cathy

selfie because Halloween door!!!

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