Sunday, December 4, 2016

October 17, 2016

This past week was pretty awesome. On Monday we had dinner with a
> family in our ward named the Arnolds. At church the day previous
> Brother Arnold came up to me and sounded ridiculously excited about
> something. He and his wife told me that they had done something that
> kind of rocked their world. They gave into the ultimate temptation.
> They bought a Costco pumpkin pie. So naturally they had to have the
> missionaries over the next night to give them an excuse to bust it out
> and have it after dinner :) Needless to say we had a grand time. Plus,
> they gave us the idea to start a secret dessert calendar to go along
> with our dinner calendar! Haha maybe someday!
> This week I met a man who basically used a motivational video as his
> form of religion. We were teaching him about how we can gain strength
> through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and that we can pray. He kept
> telling us that we need to rely on our own strength and our own power
> to succeed. He then pulled up a video of what he was talking about. It
> was a very good motivational snipet, but nothing compares to the power
> of the Atonement. We do not need to rely on ourselves for everything
> and thank goodness that's not the case! We have a loving Heavenly
> Father who gave His son to die for us so we never have to carry our
> burdens alone! Sure, every now and again those videos can help us get
> back on our feet and keep going, but Christ is the source of the true
> strength we need. He is the way y'all! Anyways, he had cute kids so
> that made it better.
> We also Skype Terry! Well halfway Skype Terry because she could see us
> but we couldn't see her. Kind of a weird lesson, but it worked! She is
> doing really well and is excited to share a Book of Mormon with her
> son! That woman amazes me everyday. She shows me that sharing the
> gospel is so simple. It's just an act of love. It's something that's
> brought me happiness and peace, so why shouldn't we all be jumping at
> the opportunity to let others around us know about it?
> Peter is just a boss as always. He also agreed to share a Gospel of
> Jesus Christ pamphlet with his family. He is also planning on
> attending the baptism trip our ward is doing later this month!
> Tammy fed us the most bomb tuna salad sandwiches of my entire life.
> Miracles of the week! Ok so first of all, we went contacting in this
> little Hispanic trailer park in our area. The potential we were trying
> didn't live there anymore but I decided to open my mouth anyways and
> teach the kids that were there. We didn't think much of it until the
> next day when we got a random text from someone. It was Jose! One of
> the kids we taught! We are going back next weekend for a lesson :)
> Secondly, the kid we found a while back named Donny. Yeah him. We had
> a super cool lesson with him about the restoration and he had so many
> questions. We committed him to baptism and he even prayed right then
> to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if Joseph smith was a
> prophet!! The feels were real man! So real! Hopefully he'll be at
> church next week with us :)
> The B. Family are coming more to church as well! I think the dad is
> taking us more seriously. He has known a lot of missionaries in his
> life and he looks out for each one. Always makes sure we are fed and
> safe and happy and working hard. I just love that whole family.
> Destiny, one of the kids, even let us borrow her blow dryer to dry us
> off after we got dumped on by the rain. I just gotta laugh sometimes,
> even when we show up to lessons or dinners soaking wet. Ya know, just
> biking sister missionary things :)
> Exchanges this week were fun as well! Sister Watson and I took on Dry
> Creek ward and we were livin it up in Rio Linda. We saw lots of dogs
> and I totally bought a piece of corn from a lady on the side of the
> street who did not speak English. GET THAT CORN OUTTA MY FACE.
> I heard a talk this weekend about how we need to take hold of the iron
> rod with both hands and zealously press forward in the gospel. If we
> on put a finger on the rod or just hold on with one hand, trying to
> look all cool and stuff, we are so much more susceptible to satans
> temptations. Why not play it safe and grab a hold of all of the simple
> truths that make up who we are? Why not push forward to obtain all of
> the blessing that Christ's atonement offers us? Everyday I am grateful
> for the knowledge of my Heavenly Father's plan for me. He wants us to
> be happy, and following his commandments is how we do it.
> Hope everyone's weeks are the best ever!
> Luv,
> Sister Thorum

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