Friday, February 24, 2017

Well, things can only go up from her... (October 31, 2016)

That just means thaaaaaat, drumroll please, I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED TO
ROCKLIN! (Antelope is the southern most zone so I'm just going further
north lol). They're pulling me away from my greenie area and I can't
say that it'll be easy to go. But I know that there are some awesome
opportunities to serve up there and tons of new experiences just
waiting to be had. I sure am going to miss Sister Seely. We've gotten
into a cool groove and it's been fun to take on the area with her. But
one of the sisters who came out with me, Sister Frost, is coming to
take my place!!

So this week we taught Tammy a couple lessons and then did a chapel
tour with her. She was able to come to church on Sunday and she even
brought her nephew along with her. As we did the chapel tour
afterwards, we got to stop at the baptismal font. We told her all
about what happens and the spirit was so strong. I'm so lucky to be
able to be getting transferred close enough that I can come back for
her baptism. She gave me a necklace and made sure I had a picture of
her to take with me. This is one amazing woman right here.

We got kicked out of a blind man's house this week. It was mildly
terrifying because he let us in but then he turned around and started
telling us to get out of his house. I felt bad that he must have been
freaked out, but I got a little shaken lol.

I'm sure gonna miss this place. But Rocklin here I come!!

Sister Thorum❤️

With the man himself, President Marston

the most fabulous hat that ever existed

Zone transfer devo

Alexis and Lily 💖 

the whole B fam representing!!

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