Friday, February 24, 2017

Rockin' in Rocklin (November 7, 2016)

What a week! I had to leave my beloved birthplace of Antelope and make
the 25 minute trek up to Rocklin, CA. Everything was kind of a
whirlwind. I packed up my stuff and before I knew it, Sister Hunt was
dropping me off at my new place with my new companion. I made sure to
factor in a little bit of time to drop by the mission office and see
ma homegirls Sister Bennion enter the mission­čśĆ

My new companion's name is Sister Vaitohi. Her and her last companion shotgunned (they were both new to the area) this area two transfers ago. Aaaaand we double cover. I'm in the Rocklin 1st and 5th wards and things are already rolling! They have started splits with the laurels here and it's really fun to see people get so hype about missionary work. The wards have been really friendly and I feel like we're gonna get spoiled here. The best part about not being too far from where I started is that I will be able to come back for the baptisms that happen back in Antelope while I'm here!!

Before I knew it I was on exchanges in Granite Bay with another sister in the zone while both of our companions went to a missionary leadership conference! Man that place is nice. We just kept driving by mansion after mansion. We got to do some service at a care facility and it was cool to hang out with some older homies :) Needless to say, we know how to whip up some mean cookies with Miss Maybel.

We have a few investigators we are working with. To sum it up, it has been a blessing to get to work with and help some of these less active members and their family members come back to the gospel. It entails helping them realize the blessings they have previously felt and helping them bring those that they are close to into a knowledge of the truth. Plus, we are so blessed here to have members that are fired up about the work. It makes our job as missionaries that much easier when there are people at church to welcome those we bring with open arms. It lets our investigators know that they are not alone, that this gospel can be lived realistically.

This area has its own set of new challenges but I'm excited because you can just feel the missionary work in the air :)

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I wish I could give you the biggest hug in the entire world.

Sister Thorum

Went to lunch with Mom's old college roommate, Michelle Scribner!!!

 chilling with ma new comp

later that day at President Marston's house (with Sister Marston)

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