Sunday, December 4, 2016

October 3, 2016

Please excuse me while I come off of this spiritual high that I've
been on since General Conference. This week we've been able to really
hit home and share the message of the restored gospel and how we could
hear the Lord's words from living prophets and apostles at General
Conference! We met so many people this week that we were able to leave
with Books of Mormon and come back in a few days for a return lesson.
So quite a few new investigators!! Between sessions on Saturday a
member made our whole zone pancakes! And what pancakes would be
complete without a scoop of fancy ice cream on top ;) Life's too short
I'm tellin ya.

We biked in the wind and rain for the first time this week! I'm sure
that that will be the one and only time it will actually be fun. But
hey now I'm getting more use out of my cute green raincoat Mom! I just
need some kind of contraption that is like a built in umbrella for a
bike. Sad thing is, I think that next transfer they'll put me in a car
area :( We shall see!

So this week we learned not to go contacting in this one part of our
area after dark. It was just super eerie and this one guy opened a
door we knocked on and I saw him holding onto a taser or gun or
something. Haha needless to say, we scooted outta there pretty quick.
A member who lives in the neighborhood told us later that she is on a
facebook page for that area. I guess people on there were talking
about us and called security on us. One guy posted that he had a gun
and a dog on the ready! Ya know, we're just your friendly neighborhood
sister missionaries. Real threatening, right? :)

We got to go to the temple this week! I'm pretty spoiled because I've
been in a southern zone this whole time. The three other sisters in
our zone hadn't been in like over 6 months, so I got to tag along. It
was just cool to reaffirm that I don't always have to hold onto
feelings of being stressed about things I can't control. I can always
lean on the Savior to help me.

Tammy is on date now! She'll get there. Terry was able to meet with
us, even though her back was feeling awful. She left for a trip back
to Las Vegas to be with her son and granddaughter. She needs all of
the emotional support she can get right now. The B family is doing
same old same old. We eat quite a bit at their house.

Cool story this week! So there's a less active family I'd been wanting
to contact for a while and was curious about. We stopped at this one
ladies house and it turned out to be that family! They ended up being
super nice and we decided to come back to their house later in the
week. I threw out that we could stop by on Friday night, not looking
at our schedule. We agreed to come over on Friday after dinner at like
7:30. When we left and stopped on the street for a sec I looked at our
schedule and we had put them in as finding that Friday night at
7:30!!! It was such a small thing but a huge reminder that we really
do work on the Lord's timetable. It is His work and He is truly
directing us.

Stay tuned on how our lessons with new investigators go!

One of my favorite talks from this conference is President M. Russell
Ballard's one on joy. He said that our joy isn't determined by the
circumstances of our lives, but the focus of our lives. When we focus
on the savior, we can bring joy and the power of God into our lives.
This way, we can be joyful in any circumstance! This gospel really is
meant for our happiness.

Hope y'all's week is the bomb diggity,
Sister Thorum

Next time I guess I'll proofread what I write cause I get mixed up
with M. Russell Ballard's and Russell M. Nelson's names. I liked
Russell M. Nelson's on joy :) But both of their's were wonderful!

The sistas

Sister Seely and I

Ice cream pancakes!

The antelope A

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