Sunday, December 4, 2016

Celestial Kingdom: "That's where I'm gonna be :)" October 10, 2016

Holy moly this week was a whirlwind. We definitely almost saw a kid
get hit by a truck right outside our apartment complex. Needless to
say, we pray a lot for safety on the streets in this area.

We taught Tammy about the plan of salvation this week! She just loves
how everything makes sense. When it got to the part about the three
degrees of glory after judgement, she pointed to the celestial kingdom
and said that that is where she's gonna be. My heart flippin exploded.
She wants to get baptized so bad. She knows that it is just the
gateway to all of the blessings her Heavenly Father has in store for
her. Buuuut of course Satan just has to step in and have her boss
makes her work on Sundays. We're just telling her to hold strong to
her goals!

Terry is still livin it up in Vegas.

One of the returning less active families that's been on my mind had
us for dinner! We taught about the temple and they are making
sacrifices for their family to get there. Happy day man!

We were contacting in this one apartment complex since both of our
lessons fell through. It was such a miracle because we were teaching
this one guy when all of the sudden another walked up and asked me if
we were teaching about the Bible. I told him that we were and that we
also teach about the Book of Mormon! He sounds very humble and sincere
and I challenged him to start reading the Book of Mormon to know if it
is true. He and his friend were just in the area. His friend was just
recently in a bar fight where he got hit in the head with a baseball
bat. Good times! Some of these people really have it rough out here.

Definitely taught one of our less actives who was as high as a kite
during our lesson. She accepted to read the Book of Mormon everyday
though! She's just interesting lol.

We biked our little fannies off this week and taught like 25 lessons!
Good thing I have legs like steel now (haha not really).

We got to teach Ryan and Alexis about the priesthood yesterday. It was
so cool to see how seriously Ryan takes the thought of having that
responsibility. He asked us at the end of the lesson to send him talks
about the priesthood so that he can listen to them on the way to work.
Shout out to my dad for being such a good example to me by being a
worthy priesthood holder. He shows me how they should serve and how to
rely on the Lord as he exercises that authority. I just know that once
Ryan can clear up Sunday's so he can lead his family in forming
righteous sabbath day habits.

Shoutout to Sister Andersen cause I saw her on Thursday. Man I love that girl :)

One cool thing I studied this week was that when we are on the Lord's
errand, we are entitled to His help. How cool is that?! When we are
making righteous choices and acting on prompting s from the Holy
Ghost, we can have assurance that the Lord will strength us and
support us in whatever we do! It's just up to us to get into action :)

Sorry, literally took one picture this week, but hey I hit my 4 month
mark and got a delicious cake pop!

Sister Thorum

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