Monday, September 12, 2016

The Antelope Molewomen (September 12, 1016)

So sad story, but the big light in our apartment burned out and our
place got appropriately five times darker. We feel like every time we
step out of the house after studies we are like the Indiana Molewomen
from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt emerging from their bunker for the
first time ever. We're all like, SUNSHINE AND FRESH AIR! Anyways :)
We've gotten the fly, mosquito, and spider population under control in
our apartment though #blessed

Holy cow we knocked into the coolest guy ever this week. Literally ten
minutes before dinner was scheduled, we met a man named Giovanni. We
began to share about the Book of Mormon and he wanted a copy! He
started asking where our church was and what time service started at!
We met his little son Marcus too :) Stay tuned if this turns into
anything. It was just the blessing of all blessings to talk to someone
who was so kind and happy and interested in what we have to share.

We helped teach a seminary class this week which was the bomb. It
totally brought me back #thankyoubrothersandstrom&sistermckeen. All of
us missionaries and kids wrote down the hardest questions we get asked
as members of the church by our friends. The topics ranged from word
of wisdom, to garments, to modesty, to relationships, to the
restoration, and on and on. We then each got a scenario and paired up
with a student in the class to role play it in front of everyone. One
kid who ask the question and the other was a pretend missionary
companion with one of us. We took a second and brainstormed how we
would respond. It was cool to help these kids get their wheels turning
on how they can respond to people's sincere questions in a loving way.
One thing I learned was that we don't have to get defensive or awkward
about anything we believe. We follow the word of wisdom because we
believe in a prophet and love God, so we obey His commandments. A lot
of things can be as simple as that. We follow certain guidelines so
that we can be protected from evil influences. Heavenly Father knows
what will make us happy in the end, so we need to do our part to allow
Him to bless us :)

Attention everyone: I, Sister Kylie Thorum, now know what weed smells
like!!! You should have seen the look of joy on my face when I made
the connection. Sister Cichos has been trying to help me recognize the
smell, so this week was a crowning moment. That look of joy was
quickly removed from my fave when I realized that we had to sit and
get post-hotboxed during our lesson. Gave me a bad headache and made
me feel a little fuzzy. Weed is just stupid, people. Cmon now.

We finally saw Terry!!! She was in an accident on the way home from
Vegas and luckily she didn't get hurt bad at all. We had a lesson on
not losing hope, about clinging to our faith in the Savior because
blessings WILL come from that endurance. She decided on November 19th
to be baptized! Now she just needs all the strength and the prayers
she can get! On Sunday, oh my gosh this is the sweetest thing. She
comes up to me and asks where she can get a slip to make a donation.
Terry wanted to pay tithing! She said she knew she wasn't a member
yet, but that she just wants to do her part. I'm tellin ya, Terry is a
force to be reckoned with.

Sunday was pretty awesome. We had 3 investigators to church and a
bunch of less actives. It's cool to see people's draw to church
increase after they've noticed the missing piece in their lives from
not going.

We have the sweetest senior couple missionaries in our ward. We had
dinner with them the other night and then shared with them Alma 26. It
talks a lot about missionary work and the struggles and strides that
bring forth blessings. I love the part where it says that no effort on
our part is wasted. How try is that? We may not see people completely
turn their lives around while I'm out here on my mission. But the
little acts of kindness and charity we give do not go unnoticed.
Heavenly Father sees each little thing and will bless us with success
as we are patient.

Love y'all
Sister Thorum

Fray with creeper man in the background

We take packing seriously

B family takes Book of Mormon class

worth losing a couple hours of sleep for

eh we aright


loaded up on some Mongolian BBQ

dinner with the Millers aka my family away from Da Fam

polaroids are my new favorite thing

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