Monday, September 12, 2016

Quiet neighbors with nice new trucks, motorcycles, and boats... (September 5, 2016)

Antelope is as crazy as ever.

so cool to see how ready he was as he entered into the water. He is
prepared to make and keep his covenants as he goes along in the
gospel. Him and Alexis talk all the time about how excited they are to
be sealed for time and all eternity one day in the temple. When Ryan
was confirmed, he walked up on the stand with a big ole grin on his
face. As he has now officially become a member of this church, I've
seen a determination and an excitement to serve the Lord come into his
eyes. Funny story's: After Ryan was baptized, they went through the
drive thru at Taco Bell because they were starving. After they paid
and went to the pick up window, Alexis decided she wanted to get one
extra thing. So Ryan asked at the window if they could order an
additional item. They went and grabbed it real quick and Ryan handed
his card back to pay for the extra, but the worker was like, no you're
ok, I got this for you. As they were driving away, Ryan turns to
Alexis and says, "Look, my first blessing!" Lol Ryan. We drove to the
temple with both of them right after church to walk around the
grounds. Ryan kept saying how excited he was to go inside. He was all
like, "I got confirmed a member today! Let me in!" We're excited to
help him get his temple recommend so that he can enter in and perform
baptisms for the dead and help others who have passed on to receive
the same blessings he has.

We went and saw our precious 91 year old grandma in the ward, Sister
Reamer. At the end of the lesson she asked if we would like a turkey
leg. We both turned to each other like wuuuuuut. Sister Reamer kept
trying to find the right word for the treat she was describing so I
asked her, "A drumstick?" Drumstick ice cream cones will from now on
always be referred to as turkey legs :)

Fay is another grandma we go have lessons with. She was telling us
about her week and so ensues the story behind the title of this email.
She was sitting in her front living room one day when she noticed
commotion coming from the house across the street from her. All of the
sudden, she sees tons of undercover cops pull her neighbor out of the
house and they handcuff him to a lawn chair. They proceed to carry
tons of cream colored garbage bags out. Then they lug out this huge
HOUSE. Thus the title of my email. Beware of quiet neighbors who you
hardly ever see but have tons of new toys hanging out in their

We accidentally killed a bird on the way to the baptism. Sister Cichos
hit it with her bike and then I had to scoop it up out of the street
so it could die in peace on the side of the road.

Tammy is really having to stand up again for her Sunday's off from
work. She is so strong.

Our recent convert Peter let his grandniece paint his thumbnail
purple. It was kinda the greatest thing ever.

Motto for the week: check. yo. self. So one thing I studied this week
was about how we need to be constantly checking ourselves to make sure
we are on the right track within the gospel. Sometimes it's easy to
sit back and think that you are in a pretty good place with your faith
and diligence. It's nice to feel those blessings, but it's also very
important to always be asking in your prayers, "What lack I yet?" I
read about how Alma and the people in Sidom were always checking
themselves on the pride of their hearts (Alma 15:17). This helped them
to always stay humble and open to the promptings of the Spirit. Out
here I'm gradually learning how to let my pride go and see how
repentance and obedience to the Lord is truly worth it in the long
run. That may sound like a duh statement, but it's true. We need to
always keep an eternal perspective, that all of the experiences in
this life will shape us into who we will become as we prepare to live
with our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ again one day. I
know the the Lord loves us and that through His Atonement we can gain
strength to face everything this life throws at us. I may not be able
to understand all of the things that people out here have gone
through, but I can sure help them by pointing them to someone who
does, and that is Jesus Christ.

Love y'all,
Sister Thorum

Zone conference

Creeper shot of Sister Reamer with her "turkey leg"

 reunited and if feels so good (Sis. Anderson, from MTC)

Ermergersh Berptism

Temple trip with Ryan and Alexis :)

Hitting my 3 month mark on the 8th, partaayyyyyy

Ohh and sushi with Maggie

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