Monday, September 12, 2016

We got chocolate doughnuts from a 91 year old in a sexy nightgown (her words, not mine) August 29, 2016

Sister Reamer is one of our favorite people ever. She turns 92 this
year and is going blind and deaf. But she is the spunkiest, most full
of life and determination person I have ever met. She was sweet and
gave us a treat of doughnuts and sent us home with a jar of Nutella as

Ryan is going to be baptized this week!!! We're also planning on going
on a temple walk with their little family one of these weekends. It's
been so cool to see Alexis start coming back to church, Ryan wanting
to be baptized, and Lily being influenced by this strong family
atmosphere. Doesn't get much better than this folks.

We had zone conference this week and I gave a talk on obedience. I
talked about how we need to LEARN the letter of the law and LIVE the
spirit of the law. It was so good to be around lots of missionaries
and be uplifted by our mission president and presidency. Plus, we got
fed pulled pork sandwiches for lunch, so I wasn't complaining...

I was reading Alma 5 this week and thought it was so cool that Alma
put forth all of these questions that can help us with a self
evaluation of how we're doing with repentance and other things. I
would encourage y'all to sit down and study them. Answer them. Use the
guidance of the Spirit to make small course corrections in your life
that will lead you to happiness. Heavenly Father wants us to ask. The
Lord stands ready to run towards us. It just takes our effort,
obedience, and willingness to change.

This church is so true.

Sister Thorum

Sometimes you need to have a snack lunch on the go at a random park

Part of the zone

Selfie with president Marston, because, why not

Alexis and Lily <3

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